Bring Your Own Mac

Coburg High School Council, in consultation with our school community, has determined that the use of Apple MacBook technology, and the suite of computer applications available for use on this device best meets the needs of our teaching and learning programs. Coburg High School was one of the first accredited Apple schools in Australia and has made significant investments into the provision of hardware, software and learning opportunities based around Apple MacBook technology to enable powerful learning for our students.

The educational partnership with Apple allows the school to move definitively into modes of learning within the digital landscape and produce new forms of knowledge through powerful student learning and teacher professional learning opportunities. Both the Apple suite of applications, and Apple hardware, are used by staff and students to plan, deliver, assess and demonstrate learning, understanding, achievement and reporting.

Coburg High School expects students to bring an Apple MacBook with them ready for use on the first day of school.

As of December 2016 the range of specified devices includes:

In acknowledging the relatively high cost of the Apple MacBook range of computers in comparison to some smaller and less powerful devices, we keep our stationary, book-list and textbook requirements for parents to a minimum.

While families are free to source and purchase their Apple MacBook from anywhere, including purchasing a second-hand device, Coburg High School has an Apple Portal for your convenience. Apple Family Funded Program.

Both Apple Australia and most Apple Retailers provide hire purchase, lease or similar credit options for families, often with very low rates of interest – making the device more affordable.

School-based Support

Expert technical support is provided by Coburg High School for student MacBooks. We employ technical support staff who work school hours and are available through the day for students having technical problems with their device.