Welcome to Coburg High School

We are proud to educate the young people of the Coburg community and to showcase our vision and values, approaches to teaching and learning, wellbeing supports, range of co-curricular programs, and the talents and achievements of our students and staff through this website. Our central purpose is to ensure that our students graduate to lead rewarding, responsible, prosperous, healthy and happy lives and to enable them to make significant contributions to the world.

Our school values are Excellence, Integrity, Curiosity, and Community and these values underpin our goals, policies, practices, behaviours and decision-making at Coburg High School.

Excellence—we strive to do our best in our learning and our work and to continually improve

Integrity—we are honest, open, trustworthy and ethical

Curiosity—as life-long learners, we take an inquisitive approach to our learning and work

Community—we are community-minded, encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with each other and respecting the rights of others

It is with great excitement that we announce some of the excellent VCE results of the Class of 2021. The school’s median study score has increased to 29 (up from 28 in 2020). There was also a significant increase in the number of students achieving study scores of 40 or above, with these results being achieved in:
Applied Computing
Business Management
Further Maths
Health and Human Development
Maths Methods
Physical Education
Overall, 6.3% of students achieved a study score of 40 or above, up from 3.2% in 2020. Pleasingly, seven students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or above.

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