At Coburg High School our central purpose is to educate the young people of the Coburg community and to ensure that our students graduate to lead rewarding, responsible, prosperous, healthy and happy lives and to enable them to contribute to the world. Our aim is to improve the learning, achievement, engagement and wellbeing outcomes for all our students:

  • Learning: we develop the skills of lifelong learning in our students and teach them the knowledge, skills and values they need to thrive in a complex and changing world
  • Achievement: we develop the unique talents of each of our students and enable them to make significant growth and progress in learning
  • Engagement: we foster authentic student agency in their learning, decision-making and future pathways
  • Wellbeing: we enable students to lead healthy lives, to develop inner strength, and to build and maintain positive relationships with others

Coburg High School Values

We have four core values that underpin our expected behaviours, policies, practices, communication and decision-making at Coburg High School.

  • Excellence—we strive to do our best in our learning and our work and to continually improve;
  • Integrity—we are honest, open, trustworthy and ethical;
  • Curiosity—as life-long learners, we take an inquisitive approach to our learning and work;
  • Community—we are community-minded, encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with each other and we respect the rights of others to be safe and comfortable and to learn as much as possible at school.