Principal Team

Principal – Brent Houghton

Brent has been the Principal of Coburg High School since March 2021. He was the Acting Principal of Melbourne Girls’ College (MGC) between April 2020 and January 2021 and prior to that an Assistant Principal at MGC with a wide variety of responsibilities in student management, pedagogy and data. Brent has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Diploma of Arts (Political Science), Diploma in Education and Master of Education (Educational Management) from the University of Melbourne. Brent’s passions are in providing opportunities for students to lead others; giving students meaningful and authentic voice to improve the learning environment; and in developing a professional learning community which stretches students at their point of need.

Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning – Belinda Parini

Belinda is a Health and Physical Education teacher who has had many years of experience in leading faculty and whole school curriculum teams, as well as numerous years of experience teaching in the western suburbs and in the UK. Responsible for the Curriculum Executive and Teaching and Learning Teams at CHS, her role covers curriculum programs, assessment and reporting, pathways, as well as professional development for staff to enhance teacher capacity in the classroom. Belinda commenced at Coburg High School in 2018 and enjoys contributing to her local community school.

Assistant Principal of Student Engagement, Support and Management – Gary Vella 

Gary is an English and Humanities teacher who has been a student leader at Coburg and local schools and has taught internationally with many years in the UK. Responsible for the Student Support Team at CHS, his role covers the sub-schools, wellbeing, events and enrolments. Gary is passionate about setting high standards and providing students with the best possible learning environment.  

Assistant Principal of Operations and Inclusion – Melanie Buscema-Moore 

Melanie is an English and Humanities teacher with more than 15 years of educational leadership experience in Student Support, Curriculum and Operations. First joining CHS in 2015 when it reopened as a 7-12 school, Melanie is passionate about ensuring Coburg High provides opportunities for all students to excel, both within and outside of the classroom. The Operations and Inclusion portfolio aims to strengthen Coburg High’s role in the community as a proudly inclusive and safe school where all of our students can achieve their personal best. 

Teaching & Learning Team

Peta Johnstone

Leading Teacher – Curriculum

Theresa Pagon

Leading Teacher – Assessment & Data

Alison Godfrey

Learning Specialist – Pedagogy & Learning

Chloe Tayler

Learning Specialist – Student Agency

Emmy Versteegen

Learning Specialist – Differentiation

Angela Greet

Learning Specialist – Literacy

Learning Area Leaders

Angela Greet


Mem Oztas


Anna Vella


Tom Fehervari

Health & PE

Jaan Butler


Jenna Carracher

Performing Arts

Belinda Pringle

Visual Arts

Selina Dennis

Digital Technologies

Chantelle Rowland

Design Technologies

Aisling Ringrose & Simone Laiu


Subschool Leaders

Angela Schneider

Year 7

Katrina Aralios

Year 7

Elle Drake

Year 8

Samara Harris

Year 9

David Snaddon

Year 10 & VCE

Eve Lamb

Year 10 & VCE

Student Support Team Leaders

Greta Joseph

Year 7

James Stephens

Year 7

Dominik Rafati

Year 8

Elisa Smith

Year 8

Kelly Harper

Year 9

Justin Fitzherbert-Smith

Year 9

Angela Cooper

Year 10

Sam Morley

Year 10

Andrew Nolan

Year 11

James Phillips

Year 11

Callum Walker

Year 12

Katherine Ryan

Year 12