Our expectations for Home Learning (Homework)

As outlined in our Home Learning Policy, these are some of the key expectations and guidelines about home learning (homework):

  • Home learning tasks fall within three types: Practice, Preparation and Extension and a combination of these should be used in planning home learning.
  • Home learning must be appropriate, purposeful, engaging, assessed and balanced with other student responsibilities beyond school.
  • For Year 7 students, the maximum duration of learning at home should be 4.5 hours per week or 45 minutes per day over six days. Year 8 and 9 students are expected to complete between 1 to 1.5 hours of homework per day across the week.
  • We are cognisant of the fact that excessive home learning demands can potentially affect student wellbeing, cause stress and decrease family and friend interactions and so we actively monitor the type and number of home learning tasks that students have each week to ensure there is an appropriate and manageable level.

Please note that we have a Homework Club students can attend to receive additional support with their studies and this runs on Mondays, 3.30pm – 4.30pm in the bottom of Building C.

Oxygen Youth Centre also offers homework help during the school term. This homework help is free and no registration is required. Students can just drop in when they need homework support. Oxygen is located just a 10 minute walk from school.