Despite maintaining a safe environment where possible foreseeable risks are minimised, accidents can occur. When an injury occurs, a process that addresses the first aid needs of the injured must be followed quickly and efficiently. Liability concerns must be addressed.

At all times the school will adhere to the DET guidelines. Refer to: DET Accident Recording and Reporting



To provide a clear process to record injury details in a manner that allows easily retrieval.


When an accident / incident occurs the following is to be undertaken by staff on hand :

  • First aid action is to be taken as required. Send a reliable student if necessary to the office to seek trained first aid assistance and administration assistance.
  • Seek assistance from nearby staff if necessary.\
  • Any serious accident or incident is to be reported immediately to school administration.
  • All accidents and Incidents are to be reported as soon as possible to the Reception and required documentation completed.
  • All Accidents and Incidents involving injury are also to be entered online in the injury management system on CASES/CASES21
  • Incidents to staff may also be notifiable under WorkSafe. All incidents involving staff must be reported to Reception.

Ratification by Governing Board