In the 2017/2018 Victorian state budget, it has been announced that Coburg High School will receive $1.9 million funding to modernise and upgrade our school facilities.

This is a wonderful news for our school and will enable us to undertake extensive renovations and capital works to complete the initial works that had been commenced in preparation for the re-establishment of Coburg High School in 2015, so that we are providing the best possible facilities for our students and are able to sustain and accommodate rapid enrolment growth.

School council would particularly like to acknowledge the great support of our local Member of Parliament, Lizzie Blandthorn, the Member for Pascoe Vale.

There will be further details on the State Budget website but at this point we can confirm that the total estimated investment is $1.9 million with an estimated expenditure in 2017-2018 of $28,000 for initial planning and the remaining expenditure of $1.872 million to be expended in 2019 with an estimated completion date for all capital works and renovations of the second quarter of 2019-2020.

Coburg High Future Plans


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