Principal’s Introduction

Principal’s Introduction

Welcome to Coburg High School, a school with a distinctive culture of students learning together and supporting and encouraging each other to do their best and of staff working and learning together to develop a clear, cohesive and comprehensive curriculum, to support the health and wellbeing of students, and to challenge our students to reach their learning potential.

Stewart Milner

As we enter the next phase in the journey of Coburg High School, we are developing an even stronger culture of learning and innovation and we are continuing to improve so that we are providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students. Students are at the centre of our approach to teaching and learning and our decision-making and we hold high expectations of student learning, leadership, participation and behaviour.

The vision for Coburg High School graduates is to become effective and independent learners who set challenging personal goals for themselves, seek and use feedback to improve, manage their time well, stay focussed and persist, take pride in the quality of their work, performances and presentations, and collaborate well with others. Through our school programs and our Home Group structures we foster the development of well-rounded young people who possess good character, inner strength, resilience, and a positive mindset.

At Coburg High School, we are committed to the development of the whole person.  We are committed to knowing our students as unique individuals, to monitoring their progress, to scaffolding their learning, and to cultivating their talents. We have a culture of student involvement and we expect each student to graduate with at least one exceptional talent developed during their time at school. To support students and to cultivate their talents, we offer a range of well-established co-curricular programs and clubs and opportunities for students to contribute their own ideas for initiatives, activities and events.

At Coburg High School, students are offered an extensive range of excursions, camps and international tours and students have a range of opportunities to perform in sporting teams, debating and public speaking competitions, productions and musicals, the State School Spectacular, soirees and open-mic sessions, and to exhibit their artwork in galleries.  We expect students to do their personal best, put effort into their learning, and take up opportunities that arise to showcase their talents, explore their interests, and develop their knowledge and skills.  Coburg High School is a vibrant place of learning and personal growth.

Coburg High School is a purpose-built, contemporary and state-of-the-art learning environment with ubiquitous access to technology through a Bring Your Own Mac program, flexible and open Learning Commons and specialist classrooms, science laboratories, art rooms, dance and performance spaces, and a theatrette. The school is set within expansive well-kept grounds with a gymnasium, oval, multiple basketball courts and nearby access to tennis courts and swimming pools.

As principal, I am committed to monitoring the impact we are having on student outcomes and to working together with staff, students and parents to continue to improve the school. Throughout the course of the second half of 2016, we have undertaken an extensive review of our progress over recent years and we have developed the next four-year School Strategic Plan.

Communication is essential and our website is an important means by which we communicate with the school community. For current parents, students and staff our Compass portal and our wikis are the main means of communication, with access to curriculum, policies, updates and announcements. Our newsletter is now being published on a more regular basis to share student achievements and learning, reflect on school events, and provide additional information about upcoming activities.

Even though Coburg High School was only re-established in 2015, the original Coburg High School has a rich and diverse history as one of the first high schools in Victoria. In 2016 we marked the centenary of the opening of the original Coburg High School in 1916 with a reunion day of celebrations. We are looking forward to establishing even stronger connections between the current students and staff of Coburg High School and the students and staff of the original Coburg High School. There are many eminent and high-profile former students of the original Coburg High School, including Doris Carter—the first female Australian track and field athlete to medal at an Olympics—and Raelene Boyle who represented Australia at three Olympic Games. Glenyys Romanes—a former mayor of both Brunswick and Moreland—is also one of the Coburg High School alumni. There is more information about the original Coburg High School and former students on the website of the Coburg High School Historical Society:

In 2017 we look forward to welcoming another 200 Year 7 students and their families to Coburg High School. We are continuing to not only grow rapidly in enrolments but also improve rapidly in terms of the educational opportunities we provide for our students. Coburg High School is on the journey to becoming one of the finest high schools in Melbourne.

Stewart Milner


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