Coburg High School students have a partial uniform, as well as a dress code to adhere to.

Top Half Uniform

Coburg School Uniform

Coburg High School polo shirt
Coburg High School jacket

** It’s not uncommon for students to accidentally leave their Coburg High School jackets on the backs of chairs, in the gym, on the oval etc. It’s important that you put your name on your jacket so it can be returned to you if misplaced.
** If students wear additional top half clothing, such as long sleeve shirts underneath the polo shirt, or a headscarf, they should be white, navy blue or black in colour.

Bottom Half Dress Code

Clothing must be dark blue or black in colour
Shorts/skirts must be long enough in the leg to reach the fingertips when arms are hung loosely alongside the body. Coburg High School has sports shorts available as well.
Neat-casual is expected. Slogans/images that are inappropriate or could cause offence are not acceptable.
Footwear must be appropriate for a school environment. Thongs and thong sandals are an OH&S risk and not allowed.
Prohibited clothing items: tracksuit pants, leggings/jeggings and sports leggings. Leggings can be worn however underneath shorts or skirts of a correct length.


  • Makeup and jewellery should be kept to a minimum.
  • No hats indoors.
  • Hoodies are not uniform.

Students deemed to be inappropriately attired will be given a consequence, and in some cases, required to wear alternate clothing for the day or until a parent/ guardian can bring appropriate clothing to the school. Parents/guardians should provide a note explaining the reason a student is out of uniform. This can be done via email or the student can give a note to a member of the School Team.

If you’ve misplaced any clothing items, check the Lost Property in Building C.

If its difficult for your family to organise a jacket for you, come and see a Coordinator and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Uniforms can be purchased online from Beleza Uniforms or at the pop-up shops that run throughout the school year.