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  • Language Perfect Awards
    Language Perfect Awards
    We had 63 award recipients in the international Language Perfect Awards in 2016. Our school placed first in Victoria for Spanish.
  • Our school is situated between Sydney Rd and Nicholson St in Coburg and is nestled within expansive and well-kept grounds.
  • Athletics Carnival: ready, set, go!
  • Swimming Carnival
    Swimming Carnival
  • Gardening Club
    Gardening Club
    Sustainability is a focus at Coburg High School
  • Bicycle Club
    Bicycle Club
  • Interschool sport is a feature at Coburg High School.
  • In 2016 we welcomed over 170 new Year 7 students. In 2017, we expect another 200 students to enrol in Year 7.
  • In 2015, 100% of Coburg High School students satisfactorily completed VCE. The school posted a median study score of 28, and had 4.3% of study scores over 40. 83% of Year 12 leavers applied for tertiary study – with 67% of students receiving their first preference.

Coburg High School provides an organisational and learning culture that suits those students who have only ever known life with screens. We take highly effective learning to a new level as we find ways to use the power of the digital world in all its forms to support and enhance learning.